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Customised tools for different User Groups

What are you looking for? 

If you are somehow dealing with the issue of sustainable development, it's very probable that SQM has to offer you some helpful support.

Also, if you are somehow dealing with public funding programmes, it is very probable that SQM has to suggest you some interesting solution.

One can imagine many scenarios of people using SQM. Just try to find out for yourself.

In which context are you working?

The SQM system is a modular and scaleable system of concepts, procedures, methods and tools.  It can provide solutions and support to quite different kinds of users and for a considerable range of tasks. We distinguish six different user groups:

  • Managers of funding programmes...
    will find operational concepts and suitable tools for the transparent management of programmes in the spirit of Sustainable Development
  • Professional programme and project developers...
    will find innovative concepts, methods and tools for participative programme development, creative project improvement and experience exchange
  • Actors in local communities...
    will find helpful concepts and tools for discussing local development, defining objectives and developing priority projects
  • Politicians and communicators...
    will find a framework for discussing about sustainable development in most different contexts, simple tools for communicating about these issues and coherent frameworks for facilitating the communication between different political levels and institutions
  • Project proposers and project managers...
    will find innovative tools for appreciating and monitoring projects in terms of sustainable development which may help to improve projects considerably 
  • Business managers and consultants...
    will find concepts and tools that are generally useful for project and programme development and management. Specific tools for business purposes will be developed later or on request.

Follow the links to find out more. The company SQM-praxis offers training, access to web-based SQM instruments and the materials on this website. In all cases where consultancy is needed for making proper use of SQM methods and tools, SQM-praxis cooperates with especially trained consultants in the SQM Partner network

The SQM system is evolving

When you do not yet find what you are looking for, do non hesitate to contact us (info@sqm-praxis.net), we may be able to help you. Some of the instruments are not yet available.  The calendar of their finalisation may depend on your request. For special purposes SQM-praxis is developing special solutions. 

The SQM system helps to exchange experiences in different ways. One way to learn from other users, is to exchange the definition of procedures, tasks, forms and criteria as they are used in all SQM instruments. SQM-praxis is encouraging user groups. The electronic library of predefined procedures, tasks and forms for specific contexts is continuously growing. 


Last update: 16.10.03