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For managers of funding programmes

If you are responsible for a public funding programme, the SQM system offers you a range of interesting solutions which cover the whole policy cycle from programme development to the final evaluation. Components of the modular SQM system may not only help to improve the orientation towards sustainable development but also to improve the effectiveness of funded actions in contributing to the programme objectives and and to raise efficiency in your administration.

Sustainable Development has become an important issue in all economic development policies across Europe. The European Union requires EU funded programmes and policies be examined in the view of their compliance with the principles of sustainable development. This holds especially for the structural funds. Managers of funding programmes need operational instruments for complying with these requests. They need concepts that are applicable within the context of administrative procedures. They should provide first steps and procedures that are very easy to use, and offer bridges to more sophisticated and innovative approaches. SQM provides such solutions which have been qualified to be among the most advanced in this field. SQM provides scaleable applications that can grow with learning processes in administrations. 

SQM Concepts provide common frameworks which have been tested in different European countries. They have proved to be applicable in different cultures and to be adaptable to different administrative systems. The assessment framework concerning the orientation towards sustainability provides an easily understandable but innovative frame that can be refined and adapted step by step. Using this same framework across all tasks of the programme life-cycle considerably facilitates communication between the different actors (project proposers, development agents, consultants, evaluators, politicians, thematic experts and programme managers) and within the administration.

Among the SQM instruments SQM.guide is the most interesting one. It is a public internet guide to complex funding programmes and allows project proposers to make an own appraisal of their projects. SQM.guide helps to improve program transparency and to strengthen the orientation of funding requests towards the specific programme objectives and more generally towards a sustainable development. SQM.guide is equally helpful to the large audience of participants in the programmes as to the programme administration itself. Test the installation for the EU structural funds in the French region of Midi-Pyrénées SQM.guide MiP (all explanations are multilingual, for demonstration purposes some parts of the French programme contents have been translated). 

The forthcoming more complex programme management instrument SQM.progman  will build on the same concepts and techniques.  

Check the table below and have a look at the corresponding SQM system components.


Pertinence of the SQM System components to managers of funding programmes


A common language concerning Sustainable Development +++++
B assessment framework concerning the orientation towards Sustainability  +++++
C assessment framework concerning the social potential of communities  +
D assessment framework concerning transformation strategies +++
E conceptual framework for the transparent construction, management and evaluation of multi-level programmes +++++


A framework for the (ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post) evaluation of projects  +++++
B framework for the accompaniment and evaluation of programmes +++++
C framework for the elaboration of action and funding programmes +
D participative procedures and facilitations methods   
E methods and techniques that help to discover new opportunities   
F project management methods and procedures  +


A SQM.appraise: a simple software tool for standard SQM-appraisals  +
B SQM.guide: A customisable web-based guide for public access to funding programmes including programme specific project appraisal  +++++
C SQM.progdev: A web-based instrument for programme development ++
D SQM.progman: A web-based instrument for programme management  +++++
E SQM.project: A web-based instrument for the management of SQM based projects +
F SQM.eval: A web-based instrument for the evaluation of programmes and large projects ++
G SQM.flex: A versatile expert instrument for SQM-related projects  
H SQM.experience: databases with SQM-based descriptions of good practices ++

Last update: 28.10.03