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  SQM - Sustainable Quality Management



Main Projects

Experiences and Resources

SQM - the result of a wide range of research and pilot projects 

The SQM system as it is today, is the result of a long series of research and pilot projects in different European countries . It has its origins in the EU research project INSURED (Instruments for Sustainable Regional Development, 1996-1998) with partners from Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland. Acknowledging the need for operational tools and instruments for practitioners, two of the partners (Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser and Filippo Strati) decided to formalise the results of this project combining them with programme development, management and evaluation techniques. They decided to call the resulting system "SQM - Sustainable Quality Management ", to develop support software and to promote pilot projects. 

Since then the SQM system has been further developed in a series of research and pilot projects in a variety of European countries. Financing from the EU commission and the issue of managing EU structural funds have played an important role in this development. However, SQM has potentials which go far beyond this. Looking at the list of main projects you will find detailed descriptions.  

Ensuring important characteristics

The experiences in these projects indicate that the SQM system is becoming a useful system for practitioners, having outstanding characteristics that since its beginnings had been considered to be important for making a difference. SQM shows promising results: 

  • in providing a common platform for intercultural co-operation on the emerging issue of sustainable development
  • in effectively supporting the systematic involvement of local actors and interest groups in development processes 
  • in covering the whole policy cycle - from the initial idea to final evaluation - with one coherent approach for sustainable quality management
  • in being highly versatile and developable thanks to a systematic and a modular architecture
  • in making use of new technologies in order to enhance transparency and communication
  • in providing instruments which not only help to improve the orientation towards sustainable development but which also help to improve efficiency in programme and project management

Download background materials

In our list of downloads you will find 

  • a comprehensive interactive slideshow which gives an introduction to SQM and the philosophy behind.
  • quite a number of  articles and lectures 
  • all available SQM-related project reports (most of them also accessible through the list of main projects)
  • SQM.appraise, a small tool for standard SQM appraisals

Links to other websites and resources

Our long list of commented links concentrates on the issues of sustainable development and evaluation. Please keep us informed about new websites which should be listed here.


Last update: 16.10.03