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Sustainable Development is a concept that has gained increasing importance in public policies in the last decade. Basically, it calls for an integrated consideration of the economic, the environmental and the socio-cultural dimensions of development with a special attention for long-term consequences.

Since 2000, the European Union requires that all programmes and policies supported by the EU be conceived and carried out in view of the concept of Sustainable Development. Also at national and regional levels similar requirements are being introduced. 

An answer to this challenge is:

SQM Sustainable Quality Management

a system for managing sustainable development processes

SQM is the product of a series of research and pilot projects all across Europe. The initial concepts were developed in the EU funded research project INSURED.

The modular SQM system provides concepts, methods, procedures and tools for different tasks and user groups, mainly for

  • the development of projects and programmes
  • appraisal, monitoring and evaluation 
  • ensuring transparency of policies and programmes, their objectives and achievements
  • public discussion and intercultural exchange of experiences

The company SQM-praxis GmbH provides services and resources around SQM. Its  main products are:

  • training courses  
  • internet-based management and evaluation tools 

Consulting is ensured by the SQM Partner Network

On this website you will find different approaches to SQM:

SQM System gives an overview and description of the whole modular system of concepts, procedures, methods and tools. Here, you may also accede to the web-based instruments which are public.

SQM Users approaches the issue from the point of view of different user groups of SQM and shows which modules are appropriate for whom.

SQM Training shows the training courses offered by SQM-praxis and explains the system of certificates.

SQM Experiences and Resources tells about the history of SQM, gives information about reference projects and provides a number of documents for download.

About Us tells you about the people behind SQM, the company SQM-guide and the SQM Partner Network of certified consultants.

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New SQM.guide online!

Test the new version of the web based guide to funding programmes offering options for the appraisal of project proposals.


Interactive Slide show 

Have a look at the structured PowerPoint presentation giving an introduction to SQM and the philosophy behind


SQM.project announced for November 2003

The web-based instrument for project management is going to be available soon


New training courses

Starting in November, SQM-praxis offers training courses on basic concepts, SQM.guide and SQM.project



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