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  SQM - Sustainable Quality Management


User groups


For professional programme and project developers

A series of pilot projects has shown that the SQM system is particularly useful for developing programmes and projects. 

Especially the development of action or funding programmes requires a certain experience in analysing a situation, in involving relevant actors, in defining a strategy and in translating it into an operational programme with appropriate objectives. With the introduction of new public management methods and of new planning laws, the request for such kind programming has strongly  increased. The instrument SQM.progdev (programme development) has been designed specifically for supporting such processes. It may also be used for designing large projects in the private sector. Built-in libraries of tasks and forms reflect the SQM concepts, methods and procedures and the long experience of the authors. Although they provide helpful guidance, some training is necessary to make proper us of.

For the development of projects which are not too large, the project management instrument SQM.project may in many cases be sufficient.

Check the table below and have a look at the corresponding SQM system components.


Pertinence of the SQM System components to professional programme and project developers 


A common language concerning Sustainable Development +++++
B assessment framework concerning the orientation towards Sustainability  +++++
C assessment framework concerning the social potential of communities  ++++
D assessment framework concerning transformation strategies ++++
E conceptual framework for the transparent construction, management and evaluation of multi-level programmes +++++


A framework for the (ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post) evaluation of projects  ++
B framework for the accompaniment and evaluation of programmes ++
C framework for the elaboration of action programmes +++++
D participative procedures and facilitations methods  ++++
E methods and techniques that help to discover new opportunities  +++++
F project management methods and procedures  +++++


A SQM.appraise: a simple software tool for standard SQM-appraisals  +
B SQM.guide: A customisable web-based guide for public access to funding programmes including programme specific project appraisal  +++
C SQM.progdev: A web-based instrument for programme development +++++
D SQM.progman: A web-based instrument for programme management  ++
E SQM.project: A web-based instrument for the management of SQM based projects +++++
F SQM.eval: A web-based instrument for the evaluation of programmes and large projects ++
G SQM.flex: A versatile expert instrument for SQM-related projects +
H SQM.experience: databases with SQM-based descriptions of good practices +

Last update: 28.10.03