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SQM-praxis is setting up a collection of internet-based instruments which cover the whole life cycle of programmes and projects, from the initial design to the final evaluation.

All SQM online instruments are based on elementary SQM appraisals. Using a modular system they can provide support for every task in establishing, managing and evaluating development programmes including complex handling of qualitative and quantitative data. SQM online instruments are specifically designed for involving a large number of persons, via the Internet or via the registration of  outputs of workshops, interviews etc. in freely definable forms

SQM online instruments are run on a central web server. They are accessible with commercial web browsers without the need to install and update local software. A sophisticated system of passwords and licenses ensures the security of confidential data.

All SQM online instruments contain predefined tasks and forms which are based on a long experience in many European countries. These tasks and forms can be modified according specific needs. Additional libraries of specific task and form definitions will be available as collective experience with these tools grows.


SQM.appraise Excel tool standard SQM appraisals available
  • very simple, not task-specific

  • download free of charge

SQM.guide online instrument programme publication,

proposal appraisal

  • for programme managers

  • allows users in a large public to retrieve relevant programme elements 

  • project appraisal by project proposers themselves

  • customisation for each client by a qualified consulting partner

SQM.progdev online instrument programme development early 2004
  • variety of tools for establishing action and funding programmes

  • particularly suited for supporting participatory processes

SQM.progman online instrument programme management 2004
  • variety of tools for managing complex funding programmes

  • distributed and differentiated access for personnel of the managing authority and external evaluators

  • appraisal of project proposals, tracing of commitments, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programme parts, reporting

SQM.project online instrument project management 2003
  • management of complex projects

  • tools for supporting participatory processes

  • monitoring and reporting

SQM.eval online instrument programme and project evaluation early 2004
  • powerful tools for evaluating programmes and large projects

  • system for defining complex evaluation processes

  • differentiated access for  many and spatially distributed evaluators

SQM.flex online instrument flexible expert instrument 2004
  • versatile expert instrument for all kinds SQM-related projects

SQM.experience online instrument exchange of experiences 2004
  • databases with SQM-based descriptions of good practices

  • publishing of good practices

  • improved transferral of experiences through systematic context description


Last update: 23.10.03