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A)  A framework for the (ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post) evaluation of projects 

B)  A framework for the accompaniment and evaluation of programmes

C)  A framework for the elaboration of action programmes

  • for the transparent development of funding programmes (e.g. structural funds)
  • for the elaboration and maintenance of a coherent multi-level system of objectives

D)  Participative procedures and facilitations methods 

  • for cooperative decision making within a common framework
  • for structuring cooperation with a common conceptual framework
  • for developing a shared perception of complex situations
  • for setting objectives and developing action programmes with stakeholders

E)  Methods and techniques that help to discover new opportunities 

  • for an opportunity-oriented and risk-conscious analysis of situations 
  • for discovering win-win solutions and generating new project ideas
  • for elaborating innovative local and regional development programmes
  • for improving project proposals
  • for overcoming stalemates and motivating people by introducing a new perspective

F)  Project management methods and procedures 


These methods and procedures have been developed in different pilot projects (Main projects). However, separate texts on them are not yet available. They are the basis of the task libraries in the different SQM online instruments.


Last update: 01.12.03