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SQM.guide:   for an easy access to funding programmes


SQM.guide is readily available. Test the online instrument installed for the Structural Funds Programme in Midi-Pyréneés/ France:  SQM.guide online

Facilitating the access to public funding programmes

SQM.guide is an internet-based guide conceived for facilitating the access to public funding programmes. For all programmes which have been implemented on the system, SQM.guide allows to every person who is looking for funding:

  • to identify the pertinent elements of the programme
  • to make an ex-ante appraisal of their project proposal

The use of SQM.guide is publicly accessible over the internet and free of charge for the users. Usually the users will accede to it via the website of an institution offering one or more public funding programmes and will only see this specific programme.

The aims of SQM.guide

  • To improve the visibility and accessibility of funding programmes
  • To improve the transparency of objectives and procedures
  • To promote the systematic consideration of the principles of sustainable development
  • To raise the number of good project proposals
  • To motivate project proposers to consider their proposal in the context of the objectives of the funding programme and of sustainable development
  • To contribute to an easier writing and a higher quality of the proposals by making publicly accessible a systematic and transparent appraisal method and corresponding tools
  • To facilitate the selection of proposals through a comparable presentation of the proposals based on a framework including all important contents-related criteria
  • To prepare the monitoring of the projects on the basis of a systematic and comprehensive ex-ante appreciation.

The functionalities

SQM.guide offers to all its users the following functions :

  • an internet-based guide through complex funding programmes
    • a detailed presentation of the programme in its hierarchic structure
    • an easy-to-use search mechanism for identifying the appropriated programme elements
  • an ex-ante appraisal of project proposals by the project proposers themselves
    • specific questionnaires for the different programme elements and for different sizes of envisaged projects
    • appraisal with regard to the objectives of the programme
    • appraisal with regard to the principles of sustainable development
    • an automatically generated report containing a synthesis of the appraisal results and general indications concerning possible improvements
  • a differentiated handling of confidential data
    • user registration and definition of a password before acceding to the appreciation tool
    • a strictly confidential treatment of all registered data
    • the opportunity to allow other registered persons to accede to the own appreciations.

Moreover, SQM.guide has a series of special functions for the editing of the contents. They are not accessible to the public user. A differentiated password system allows to give specific editor rights to different persons in a large administration.

See the technical details for an overview on the functional modules. For a detailed explanation of the functions see the HELP pages of the online system.



How to establish such a program guide?

The establishment of a guide for a specific funding program based on SQM.guide requires qualified consultancy. The necessary effort will depend on the complexity of the funding programme. Please contact a certified SQM consulting partner (network) in order to get more details on the conditions. 


Last update: 02.12.03