SQM.appraise is the most basic software tool of the SQM tools family. It allows to carry out single SQM appraisals with regard to the 10 components of the ORIENTATION towards Sustainable Development. SQM.appraise has been designed: 

SQM.appraise contains an introduction and a guide which explain how to use it. However, for making full use of the SQM approach using SQM appraisals, an introductory SQM training course may be very helpful.

SQM.appraise is an MS Excel workbook. It is free of charge and can be downloaded below on this page. For using it, you need to have installed MS Excel 97 or higher on your computer. SQM.appraise contains macros. You can also use it without activating macros, but then some useful features will not be available.

The validity of SQM.appraise is limited in time. After the expiration date it will stop to function properly. However, the content will not be lost: Contact appraise@sqm-praxis.net for updating the tool or exporting data. 

Download SQM.appraise:     version 2.01 english 

Stand: 15.10.03