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SQM Utilisateurs



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For business managers and consultants


Pertinence of the SQM System components to business managers and consultants


A common language concerning Sustainable Development +++++
B assessment framework concerning the orientation towards Sustainability  +++++
C assessment framework concerning the social potential of communities  ++++
D assessment framework concerning transformation strategies ++++
E conceptual framework for the transparent construction, management and evaluation of multi-level programmes +++


A framework for the (ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post) evaluation of projects  ++++
B framework for the accompaniment and evaluation of programmes ++++
C framework for the elaboration of action programmes +++


A participative procedures and facilitations methods  +++
B methods and techniques that help to discover new opportunities  ++++
C project management methods and procedures  +++++
D evaluation methods ++++


A SQM.appraise: a simple software tool for standard SQM-appraisals  ++
B SQM.guide: A customisable web-based guide for public access to funding programmes including programme specific project appraisal  +++++
C SQM.progdev: A web-based instrument for programme development  
D SQM.progman: A web-based instrument for programme management   
E SQM.project: A web-based instrument for the management of SQM based projects +++++
F SQM.eval: A web-based instrument for the evaluation of programmes and large projects ++
G SQM.flex: A versatile expert instrument for SQM-related projects  
H SQM.experience: databases with SQM-based descriptions of good practices ++

Last update: 02.12.03