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For actors in local communities

Actors in local communities may find useful the general SQM concepts and methods for structuring their debates on local development.  With its strong emphasis on citizens participation, SQM is most helpful for Local Agendas 21. However, be careful not to confront a broad public with the whole analysis framework. More small guides for the general public are going to be published in 2004. 

For simple appraisals of a situation or a project the small free appraisal tool SQM.appraise may be helpful.

In regions where public authorities have provided SQM.guide for facilitating the access to public funding programmes, this instrument can be most useful to local actors: it allows not only to identify appropriate funding sources but also to make a targeted appraisal of project ideas with regard to the programme objectives and the dimensions of sustainable development.

Local communities which have detailed own action programmes could use SQM.guide for making them public - but they would need a consultant to set up the system.

Check the table below and have a look at the corresponding SQM system components.


Pertinence of the SQM System components to actors in local communities


A common language concerning Sustainable Development +++++
B assessment framework concerning the orientation towards Sustainability  +++++
C assessment framework concerning the social potential of communities  ++
D assessment framework concerning transformation strategies +++
E conceptual framework for the transparent construction, management and evaluation of multi-level programmes  


A framework for the (ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post) evaluation of projects   
B framework for the accompaniment and evaluation of programmes  
C framework for the elaboration of action programmes ++


A participative procedures and facilitations methods  +++++
B methods and techniques that help to discover new opportunities  +++++
C project management methods and procedures  +
D evaluation methods  


A SQM.appraise: a simple software tool for standard SQM-appraisals  ++
B SQM.guide: A customisable web-based guide for public access to funding programmes including programme specific project appraisal  +++++
C SQM.progdev: A web-based instrument for programme development  
D SQM.progman: A web-based instrument for programme management   
E SQM.project: A web-based instrument for the management of SQM based projects  
F SQM.eval: A web-based instrument for the evaluation of programmes and large projects  
G SQM.flex: A versatile expert instrument for SQM-related projects  
H SQM.experience: databases with SQM-based descriptions of good practices ++

Last update: 02.12.03