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SQM.project:   for project management and more


SQM.project is a very flexible online instrument for the management and evaluation of larger projects. However, its capabilities include much more than the usual project management functions. SQM.project is an instrument for collecting, treating and sharing all kinds of structured information associated with a project. A strong emphasis lies on qualitative and quantitative multidimensional appraisals

Just as in conventional project management software, a task management module helps to organise the process. 

Each task has an own flexibly configurable online form which can be used for:

  • data collection
  • multidimensional qualitative and quantitative appraisals
  • data treatment and synthesis

In order to facilitate broad enquiries, "invited visitors" can be given access to a specific form over the internet. Appropriate reports can be defined in order to present the results.

A library of preconfigured and editable tasks and forms help to design appropriate processes for different purposes in a short period of time. Such libraries for different purposes will grow over time. 

As in all SQM instruments the SQM analysis framework provides a coherent structure for appraisals in view of sustainable development. A variety of forms and tools make it easy to involve external expertise and groups of local actors. 

SQM.project facilitates the cooperation of geographically dispersed teams by providing a common framework, excellent overview thanks to a central database and advanced workflow functionalities.

For a more detailed description see the technical details.


SQM.project will be available early in 2004.


The use of SQM online instruments is governed by licenses. For such a license SQM-praxis charges a price which depends on the duration, on the instrument and on the performance parameters that have been agreed. 

The establishment of a license includes the appointment of an "administrator" who governs its use. He, in turn, can appoint "editors" with specific and differentiated reading and editing rights. Every user of the system has to identify himself by a personal password. 

An SQM.project license is characterised by the number of projects that can be carried out with it (the administrator fills in a list) and by the number of tasks that can be handled in one project.

SQM-praxis will offer a range of standard licenses of different sizes. In order to ensure a good reputation of the product, the administrators of larger licenses will have to participate in appropriate training courses.


Last update: 02.12.03